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How to use a Scarf Ring and why you should wear one

A good scarf is a great accessory – add a scarf ring and you add glamour, fun and a bit of sparkle to your outfit. Scarves become more versatile with a scarf ring – you can create a multitude of styles and shapes . A scarf ring adds a beautiful and elegant final flourish and GREAT NEWS – it can help keep your scarf in place throughout the day just as you tied it.

Here are five Ways to tie your favourite Scarf using a Scarf Ring:

The Classic

Drape your scarf around you as you normally would. As with all styles thread your scarf though the scarf ring like a belt buckle – go under the ring and over the centre bar, then under and out.  This is the most simple way but will still add instant glamour. 

The loop

Perfect for a velvet, silk or cotton scarf – “The Loop” is created by firstly doubling over a long scarf to make a loop, then threading the ends though. Lastly, put the scarf ring on like a belt buckle over the ‘knot’. Try this for effortless style!

The Lisbon

Add a touch of grace Kelly and femininity with “the Lisbon”. Ideal for a chiffon or light scarf like the Classic, the Lisbon is created by first looping the scarf around the neck, then threading the scarf ends through a scarf ring.

The Double loop

Adorn your summer evenings with a fine silk scarf: The Double Loop is created by threading a scarf though normally, and then threading it back through again – hence the double loop. This style ensures even the lightest scarf will be kept in place throughout the day, just as you’ve tied it!

The Empress

Elegant and chic “the empress” adds a dramatic focal point fit for royalty. Use the loop technique and swing to your shoulder, this can transform a simple dress into a classy act.

Feel free to view the scarf rings. They are made from lead free pewter and will work with almost any scarf. Our lead-free pewter looks very similar to silver and does not tarnish. All designs hand made in England.

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